From the Heart #14 – Job Satisfaction

I love my jobI can’t believe my last blog post was over three weeks ago! I’ve just re-read it to remind myself how I was feeling knowing that I had a new job and still not quite believing my good luck. I’m now writing from the perspective of someone firmly back in the workforce and although in some ways so much has happened and changed, I still can’t quite believe my luck.

Following a fantastic family break away with lots of beach time and ice cream I started my new job on the 27th August and have just completed week 2. I am working for a company called Buddi, a small technology company specialising in the monitoring and tagging of offenders. If you’re at all interested here’s some recent and extremely exciting Buddi news click here.

My new office is based in my hometown (for the next few months anyway) and if I’m working in the office it now takes me about 6 minutes to get from door to door in the morning instead of the 45-55 I’ve been used to. I have not yet met a single person who is not welcoming, friendly and happy to share their knowledge. I feel entirely ‘comfortable’ there and am thoroughly enjoying learning new things; it helps that I find what the company does fascinating! I’ve read so much in the last two weeks to try and build up my understanding of the technology and the hardware and still have loads to get through. My role is now Bid-Writer & Business Development which means I get to read and write – A LOT! I love it. Time just flies and working from home with no distractions works so well for me.

It’s incredible what a difference having a job I love makes. There was a time I loved my Customer Service Manager role but it’s only now I realise just how long ago that was. Working for a company that really appreciates and trusts its’ staff makes such a huge difference to how inspired and motivated the workforce is. Everybody wants to go that extra mile because it’s a give and take situation. And boy does it makes you realise just what is important, which is ultimately getting the job done. Does it really matter if I have to start work at 10am next Tuesday because I’m meeting my daughter’s new class teacher? Of course it doesn’t, because I will just work later to compensate.

I’m also still doing my editorial assistant work for The NextWomen online business magazine which I still love! I’m obviously doing it in the evenings and at weekends now (which leaves little room for blogging) but I’m loving the buzz of being busy and feeling as though I’m achieving good things.

Those of you who are Facebook friends of mine may already have seen this quote, but as I was editing an article by a female entrepreneur called Beth Schmidt yesterday I came across this and it just so neatly encapsulated how I was feeling that I had to share it:  She says: “At the end of the day, you are stuck with the choices you have made, and if those choices don’t make you happy and don’t make you thrilled to get out of the bed in the morning, choose something else. Go against the grain, take a risk and be malleable. We are not a “one track career” generation. Employers look for many experiences and most importantly look for people who are self-reflective and living passionately within their own truths”.

Thank you so much to everyone that sent me messages of support – those of you that told me ‘it was meant to be’ really know what you’re talking about. I tried so hard to remain positive and I think I achieved it most of the time, but I certainly never really believed that the outcome would be as good as it has turned out to be; taking a risk can seriously pay off. Those of my ex-colleagues reading this who may be in a similar situation in a few weeks’ time take note, don’t let it get you down and make a change.

I’m writing this on Sunday lunchtime at a local Soft Play Centre whilst my girls are off having fun. I’m spending more quality time with both them and my husband, who must be enjoying the happier, stress-free me. We are going away again in October and although we decided not to go abroad, I am very much looking forward to a peaceful week in our very own log cabin in the woods. Life is good. I honestly have no complaints. Am I dreading Monday morning? Not on your life! Bring it on!


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