From the Heart #12 – Peace


My daughters seem to have spent the day alternating between the following three phrases:

‘That’s not fair!’ (To which it is incredibly tempting to trot out a response my own mother used to use: ‘Well, life’s not fair’. So far I have managed to refrain).

‘She hit / pinched / bit me!’ (Occasionally accompanied with a few tears; most often not).

‘That’s mine!’ (Complete with abnormally lengthened first vowel in the last word and way too much whine).

As a direct consequence of the above, I seem to have spent the day alternating between the following three phrases:

‘Stop that NOW!’

‘Please get off her’

‘If you do that again…’

Interestingly, despite the obviously negative behaviour that resulted in the above, it hit me today. The most challenging thing about parenting for me is not the ‘naughty’ behaviour (to use a very politically incorrect term these days). Nope, it’s simply the constant requirement to talk.

Both of my daughter’s (like most kids) can talk for England. I try very hard to be (or at least seem) interested ALL the time, and to respond to all the millions of questions in as clear and as honest a way as I can but today I have been doing it for 13 hours straight and frankly, I am all talked out. Not just that, I’m all listened out too. I’m good for nothing that requires interaction with a human being and am absolutely craving peace.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have the greatest respect for stay-at-home mums and for those that work with very young children every day. I honestly believe that it is the hardest job in the world. I absolutely love my girls and I absolutely love being a mum, but I completely recognise that I’m not cut out to do it full time.

Despite the ‘episodes’ today, we haven’t had a bad day. We actually had a lovely afternoon fruit and veg picking at a local farm. The girls loved picking and helping to wash and prepare it all when we got home. They sampled what I’m sure is the largest cucumber in Bucks and I’ve had a huge plate of veggies for my dinner. Time for raspberries I think…

Check out the pics of the pickings.

our veg



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