From the Heart #11 Is the End in Sight?

The end is just a new beginning

I have been a lax blogger the last few days and I’ve really missed it. Go figure. It’s amazing how quickly a new activity can become a part of your everyday life. Thank you so much for all the kind feedback – it really does help. I’ve ‘met’ some great fellow bloggers too whose blog posts never fail to put a smile on my face each day. There’s no doubt about it, the blogging community becomes a little addictive and I’ve very rapidly become someone who writes more than they read; I never thought I’d see that happen!

Anyway, I took a few days break to catch up on some reading and to complete my weeks’ work for the online magazine I’m interning for. I knew I’d have very little time for either this week as I have my children at home as well as interviews lined up. Evenings are therefore ‘Prep Time’ at the moment. As I quipped on Facebook a few days ago, interviews are clearly like buses – none come along for ages and then five come along at once.

So details: Well, as much as I can give at this stage anyway (which isn’t much I’m afraid). One of the five I’ve ended up cancelling as the location is actually a lot further away than the advertisement stated. Another I’m awaiting a confirmed date for. Of the remaining three, two are of real interest to me and one in particular. One is A Change of Direction. I’ll let you try and work out which is which.

I am very much hoping (whilst at the same time trying not to get my hopes up of course) that I am coming to the end of The Great Job Hunt. I’m at the start of Week 4 and already my heart plummets each morning at the mere thought of the 50 job alert emails I know will face me the minute I open my inbox. Practically the minute I’ve trawled through them all another 10 arrive. I can only glimpse how disheartening and frustrating it must be to still be doing it months down the line. It must be incredibly hard to remain motivated enough to carry on.

It probably sounds completely bonkers but I feel busier than ever! The 2-3 hours per day that The Job Hunt takes coupled with my Editorial Assistant Internship (which I absolutely love) and the fact that it’s the school holiday means that there is absolutely no danger of me mistaking this time for Holiday Time. It’s good timing in that sense but I won’t lie, I would actually quite like a day off now. That’s the thing with Job Hunting (rather similarly to being a parent), it’s a 7 day a week ‘job’. And by a day off, I mean a day with no job alerts to have to wade through; not a day on which I just ignore them. A day off at the moment just means 120 job alerts to wade through the day after. Yep, I’ll admit it; I’m fantasising about the day I can cancel them all and inform the Job Centre I’m employed.

Which brings me nicely to another point. The sooner I can cease my visits to the Job Centre the better. Honestly, I don’t even know where to start in describing that whole experience. It could easily be the subject of a lengthy blog post on it’s own. In fact it probably will be once I’m gainfully employed and am penning my strongly worded letter (which will no doubt achieve sod all apart from to make me feel slightly better). Suffice it to say at this stage, I have to combine each visit with a trip to the library just to keep myself sane. I’m going in the morning. I can feel my blood pressure rising already. Wish me luck.

So what have I achieved in the last few days? I’ve finished Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird: 50th Anniversary edition and really enjoyed it. I can’t believe I’ve never read it before; shameful. I’m getting behind on my book reviews but I MUST review it on here soon. And after a nightmare getting hold of a copy, I’m now halfway through The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford which is my Book Group’s Book of the Month. So, no comment on that until after next Tuesday… Next on the reading list is Burnt Island by Alice Thompson which was sent to me by the fantastic Salt Publishing and which I’ve been very much looking forward to reading. But, it may need to be temporarily delayed…

You may remember me posting about selling some stuff a week or so ago? Well I did. I sold a couple of books I’d bought for my last job on Amazon as well as my old Weight Watchers books on eBay and hurrah! I made enough to buy Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane (which I’ve been desperate to read for months) as well as Laurence O’Bryan’s debut novel, The Istanbul Puzzle – which is only 99p at the moment. I’ve been following O’Bryan for a while on Twitter and I’m intrigued… I’m hoping it will be a Sanctus/Da Vinci Code-type romp. I downloaded both on kindle today which, following a fantastic interview earlier, felt like the best kind of treat! In fact, it’s going to take all my restraint not to start the Gaiman tonight. Frankly, I’m not sure I’m up to the task.

I’ve also been asked to read and review a debut novel in the last few days which I’m very much looking forward to. AND I’ve got The Light Fantastic: (Discworld Novel 2) (Discworld Novels) by Terry Pratchett and Neverwhere another Gaiman, on loan from ‘The Library of Sis-and-Bro-in-law’. It’s still true: Too many books, too little time…

In the last 24 hours I’ve also made a valiant attempt to get to grips with Pinterest. I’m not sure I’ve achieved it but I do now have some ‘Boards’. I have absolutely no idea how to find people to follow other than those that Pinterest recommends to me (which seem based on people I used to follow on Twitter but no longer do?!), but I’m sure as I play with it more I’ll get to grips with it. I remember Facebook and Twitter making little sense to start with. Ah, the joys of Social Media…

Lastly, I’ve spent some really nice time (and some not so nice time!) with my two daughters. It’s really hit home to me in the last few days how well behaved one of them is and how incredibly naughty the other! This again will undoubtedly be the subject of another post…

To close, all the very best to each and every one of my absolutely wonderful ex-colleagues as they go through an incredibly stressful and anxious time over the next few months. I’m thinking of you all.


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