From the Heart #3 – Hottest Day of the Year


Wow, was today hot or what? Apparently today was the hottest day of the year so far for the UK. But then again I have a feeling yesterday was too. What on earth does that mean for tomorrow? It can’t keep just getting hotter and hotter surely? I’m not being one of those ‘moans we never get a summer and then as soon as the sun comes out moans it’s too hot’ kind of people, but wow. Bella and I had two cool baths today and I can feel another one coming on…

So, job-hunt update: There has been nothing new or suitable to apply for since Saturday but I have an interview tomorrow, two telephone interviews on Friday, a role that has a closing date of 26th July and another that closes on the 9th August, both of which I’ve gone for. Not all of them are along the lines of what I’ve always done and of course I like the sound of some of them more than others – typically, the one that doesn’t close until the 9th August sounds fab 😦

I am worried that the role I’m being interviewed for tomorrow is too far away but having had three separate agencies contact me about it today (actually ‘bombard’ would be a more accurate term), I will go along, try out the journey and see what it’s like. I have already turned down interviews for other places that are actually slightly nearer but it’s so difficult striking the right balance between going for A job and going for the RIGHT job. I’m pretty sure that the longer you’re out of work and job-hunting the more the lines between the two start to blur… But, the role itself sounds great and I like the sound of the company so I guess I have nothing to lose at this stage.

In between fielding the constant calls and emails from the three agencies I have spent some great time today with both Bella and my parents. I didn’t read to Chloe tonight because she didn’t want me to (but if I had, I wouldn’t have yawned). She wanted to do colouring instead and it was frankly far too hot to argue. I have been through all my job alerts, already read an hour of my Galbraith/JK Rowling and am now writing this. I’m feeling quite positive. All that remains is for me to remind hubby how much I love him, which I’ll do when we aren’t both staring at a computer screen.

Wish me luck. With the interviews obviously 😉



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