As if I didn’t think the BookD podcast was awesome enough…

I thought I’d let the BookD team know how much I loved the podcast (and yes, hope for a shameless plug), so I tweeted them a link to the post last night. Check out the tweet I got in response from Tanya herself. What a difference it makes when people take the time to respond!



As if that wasn’t enough, today I get the tweet below. Yes, my lovely followers. This not only means the link to my post has reached the 900 BookD followers, but also over 3600 followers of the Friday Project. Tanya Brennand-Roper is now my hero(ine?). It’s official. I am now grinning like a Cheshire Cat.


Can there possibly be any more? Could the day possibly get any better? Yes! A shiny new episode of the podcast has just been released…


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