To Be One

I love this 🙂

The incoherent imaginings of Xyalon

This cavern, with walls that stretch
Into eternity – vast yet encroaching –
Nowhere to go, no filling to be had,
But to wait for that which comes.

Silent and still it stands, screaming out
Beneath its skin – yearning, pleading,
Stretching out immobile limbs to grasp
For that just out of reach.

Bereft of love, that emptiness waits,
Sightless eyes piercing the dark;
The dark which blinds and keeps the prison,
Yet joy draws close, bearing light.

The love which binds does also loose
The heart into happy flight,
For this love which worships from afar
Is stronger that the links it forged.

With the speed of feeling, my heart is filled
With a gift more precious than life.
For here you await, my love and my light,
And with you I can be one once more.


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