An End to Procrastination!


I have been meaning to start a blog for a very, very long time. I have put it off for a variety of reasons: I don’t have the time; I don’t know where to start; I don’t have anything interesting to say; if I have a spare hour, I’d rather bury my nose in someone’s else words than write my own. I think if I’m being honest though, the main reason I’ve procrastinated for so long is the inescapable feeling that I’d be ‘exposing’ myself in some way. That’s exactly it – it rather feels like the literary equivalent of walking around topless. I guess I’ve now decided to bare all.

Everything I’ve read on creating blogs tells me I should pick only one subject to talk about. Hmmm. Easier said than done I would have thought. Although there is one thing for which I’m known above all others, I imagine this blog will combine a series of rather informal book reviews/chat with more general musings on juggling my obsessive ‘bookworm-ish-ness’ with motherhood and life in general. Life so often gets in the way of my reading…

We’ll have to see where the journey takes us.


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